Spar Meeting

On Wednesday the 24th of January Cian and Ms. Achari went to the local Spar to have a meeting about the upcoming change in Newpark’s policy about single-use plastic. We felt it was important to have this meeting as the local Spar is located within a very close proximity to Newpark and there is a large inflow of single-use plastic form Spar into Newpark.

Cian handed them a letter detailing some changes we wanted to see like people using re-usable cups as opposed to plastic ones when getting coffees or slushes, Spar’s meal deal including a tetra pack drink instead of a plastic bottle and using paper bags as opposed to plastic bags. The management at Spar were very supportive of these proposals and even went further to suggest that a discount be offered to those who get drinks with reusable cups. They said that they hoped to hear further correspondence from us about facilitating Newpark’s transition to a plastic free school. They also agreed to hang a poster on their front window stating their support for Newpark’s new policy.