About Us

This year Newpark introduced a new Sustainability Module to transition year. This was an 8- week environmental action module, where by students learned about environmental matters and we then had to execute as ‘action’ that was important to us.  Five students from our team had not yet had the opportunity to be involved in the module but when we heard from our fellow students that Newpark potentially wanted to become single use plastic free, we all decided to get together and see what we could do to help. The current sustainability module groups did not have time to fulfil this single use plastic action within the 8 – week time frame so we decided to take the idea and run with it ourselves. The Sustainability teacher, Ms Adams agreed to help facilitate our project and help us to enter in to the Young Environmentalist Awards.

There are 11 of us on the YEA Team. We are from different form groups throughout transition year, but we are united with our passion to transform our school into the first single use plastic use school in Ireland.